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Operation Theater

Surgical Department

Undergoing surgery can be a daunting prospect. However, knowing you are in the safest hands will make your visit a more comfortable and reassuring experience. At Balasooriya Hospitals, we have a comprehensive team of consultants specializing in surgical procedures. Our main aim is to ensure that you, our patient, receive the very best surgical outcome. Senior and experienced surgeons can be consulted through us for a wide range of surgical procedures. Patients can be assured of complete comfort and the availability of all necessary facilities for any type of surgery. .

In addition to the professional expertise of our surgeons, we offer facilities required for the management of surgical conditions. Our new theatres are functional with cutting edge technology in place to give our patients the best care. Our resident consultant surgeon is available on call to handle any surgical emergencies. All our surgeons are well supported by qualified and experienced teams of highly specialized nursing staff, who are ready to provide every patient with personalized care. Laparoscopic theatres offer the best facilities for minimally invasive procedures with faster healing and discharge. This allows patients to resume to daily activities after few days, as opposed to five to seven days or even more after normal surgery. Our wards offer a range of options with comforting ambience in which inpatients can recover in..

Various surgical disciplines like general surgery, Gyne and obstetric, orthopedic, ENT, Ophthalmology and pediatric surgery. The operation theatre specially designed to provide effective barrier against infection by way of controlled movement of the staff, equipment and patients through the protective zone, clean zone and sterile zone. The disposal zone is provided in the separate area in the theatre building. In the theatre room ,sophisticated shadow less LED operation theatre lamp have been provided. The air flow for operation theatre suite containing adequate humidity is filtered through mico and HEPA filters and is cooled to the desired standard. Also OT consist in anesthetic gas scavenging system. which removes anesthetic gas mixtures from theatre .Nitrous oxide ,oxygen ,compressed air and vacuum system are provided are provided. The latter three are piped to the post operative recovery area. Phenol anesthetic machine provide for anesthesia with halothane and isoflorain anesthetic vaporizers and OT consist vellylab diathermy machine. The main electricity supply is stepped down through transformers and stabilizers to provide regular stable voltage. For emergency electricity supply, stand by generator have been provided. The water supplied through main source, is filtered through filter plant and pumped to the overhead tanks .Effective fire fitting system is provided.

Operating Theatre Facility

Penlon anesthetic machine, Welly Lab Diathermy, LED theatre Lamp, 85 l Sterilizer, Wall O2, NO2, Air, Cylinder O2, Theatre scanger system, X ray illuminator, Theatre table, Ventilator, Defibrillator, Cardiac multi monitor, Syringe pump, sucker machine including all surgical instruments ect

Cleaning and sterilization :

The operation theatre is thoroughly scrubbed, washed and sterilized with Bacillocid special solution daily and as per the need. also used Bacillol 25 solution for instruments disinfectant and sterillium gel, Baktolin 5.5 lotion , Bactorub and bacto scrub solutions provided for staff uses.

Recovery area located in the clean zone of theatre adjoining to the operation room. It has the preoperative and postoperative sections and is a two bedded fowlers beds, centrally supplied oxygen and compressed air provision. It has adequate equipments and medicines for the emergency and postoperative care. The experienced and dedicated nursing staff looks after the patients till there are shifted to their respective wards.

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