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Health Education and Training Programme

Patients are Emotionally Supported While Receiving Care Here.

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The staff at Balasooriya hospital offers a number of ways for you to be a part of your health care and learn how to best take care of your own health..

  • The patient library.
  • Outpatient health education : There are many lectures available during regularly scheduled outpatient clinic visits, mainly on health promotion, mental health, upcoming tests and procedures, medications, diagnoses, treatments, first aid etc.
  • Inpatient health education: Our doctors, nurses and other therapist will teach you about your health when you are admitted, during your stay and at discharge. Our aim is to provide advice and help to you and your family.
  • Patients are able to ask questions about their health.
  • Patient will continually receive updated health information.
  • Patients are emotionally supported while receiving care.
  • Our aim is to make our Patients stay with us as comfortable as possible.
  • Patient can enjoy your stay in our hospital as comfortably as possible
  • Support groups: We offer support groups for many different medical conditions, please talk to your provider or social worker for more information.

Many health training programmers are available at this hospital, please inquire.

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