Emergency service available Call: 071-401-9149 / 032-226-6266

Blood Transfusion service

Donated blood is supplied at optimum efficiency to various other departments as whole blood or as components so that no blood is wasted

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Tel 0322265200, Fax : 032-226-6299
Opening Hours
Open 24 hours, 365 days a year

At the heart of the hospital, is the Blood Bank. This Being the critical unit that all other departments depend on. The focus of our Blood Bank is to provide an adequate supply of safe and high quality blood and blood components, saving lives .

  • Voluntary donation of whole blood.
  • Voluntary donation of aphaeresis blood.

Supply of safe and quality blood and blood components (whole blood, red blood cell concentrate, platelets, fresh and frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate)

Blood group serology investigations

  • Blood grouping.
  • Antibody screening/identification/titrates
  • Direct coombs test/indirect coombs test
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy ( Venesection )
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange
  • Neonatal exchange transfusion.
  • Tissue cross match for renal transplants

Our facilities include comfortable and spacious lobbies with pleasant ambiences. When required, there are examination and procedure rooms available for consultants use, to ensure comfort and convenience for all our patients.

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